Thakuru Wars

Thakuru Wars is a top down multiplayer online game.

Based on traditionally themed Maldivian characters and settings, Thakuru Wars is packed with various elements such as humorous weapons and special powers for each character. The game focuses on players winning fights within a time limit to get awarded with 'Ruh' (Maldivian word for Palm Trees) which secures them a position on the Maldives leaderboard.

Choose from 5 powerful Maldivian characters that can be customized to the players taste and continue to battle with your friends using their special powers and traditional weapons. Daily fights develop character knowledge that you can use to beat other players to get on the countries ranking system.

"Adugadha meehaa ruh gina vaane!".

Islander by Arcils.

Islander is open world game being developed by Arcils.

Featuring an immersive storyline based in the late 1800's and largely inspired by various and unique Maldivian folklore, Islander revolves around a fast paced combat mechanism enabling players to perform dodges, combo attacks and various spells.

Islander presents many beautiful and dangerous islands to explore with the ability to travel from island to island.

The games main focus is to depict the Maldivian lifestyle in a fictional world with our own unique twist.