Made Intuitive

  • 3D Ecommerce
  • Mobile app

We are curious as to how we can invest our talent into making gamified and immersive experiences to users.

Maatu is just that for us! a 3D ecommerce app like non other an ecommerce app made 3D. Maatu is currently in development and at early prototype stages.

Let's Make
Shopping fun again

  • UE4
  • As simple as it gets

A deep research into what makes an eccommerce app. we are so used to the old picture - label - price concept. a goal was set out to re-invent how listings can be consumed on user front end.

Having unreal engine as our main pipeline, visuals were a huge advantage we had over traditional shopping experiences. concepts were made and elimination rounds were conducted internally and we came down to keeping the scroll to view -> purchase/add to cart. only ours having less to read.

An extra

  • Fully 3D
  • Grocery Shopping

3D products will be displayed on shelves that you can browse / search / filter or scroll through. No labels unless you want them. Tap to add to cart. press hold to choose quantity or view details for selected product.