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Welcome to the workshop where our team works on cool pilot projects that we make using Unreal Engine!

These projects may or may not see the light of day. we consider this as shelved ideas for us to pick up and work on a later date



  • NFTs
  • Fish Economy

We've had the passion to work on a game that involves fishes. Fishrarium is just that. A perfect platform for us to expand on our aquarium simulations.

breeding, Selling, buying, Caring and competing with the rare fishes you have bred. fishrarium is made using UE5

Raise, Buy, Sell, breed
And More!

  • NFTs
  • Fish Economy

An idle fantasy! Take care of your fishes, come back to clean your tank and feed your fishes. Got an amazing pair? breed them togather to get even better fishes.

Sell your fish in a global market place where you can make listing of your fishes realtime with players across the globe!

Realestate - App

Breaking limits!
RTX Light bakes
on Mobile

  • Mobile
  • RTX

60 FPS+ on 4 years and older devices. We've managed to bring Desktop level visual with RTX pre baked lighting to mobile devices

Interested to see a demo? Please reach out to our mail at